Portrait of Architecture_Framed Thinker.

 PORTRAIT OF ARCHITECTURE_Frame Thinker. 建築的容顏_框架的思考.

Model in Maya (Based on Free 3d scanning model: The Thinker by Rodin, Sculpting & Textured in 3d-Coat. Rendered in Keyshot.

Portrait of Architecture_Free Standing

PORTRAIT OF ARCHITECTURE_Free Standing. 建築的容顏_自由獨立.
Model in Maya (Based on Free 3d scanning model: David by Michelangelo, Sculpting & Textured in 3d-Coat. Rendered in Keyshot.


Portrait of Architecture_Floating Cantilever.

PORTRAIT OF ARCHITECTURE_Floating Cantilever. 建築的容顏_漂浮懸臂.
Model in Maya (Based on Free 3d scanning model: Eleonora Duse, Sculpting & Textured in 3d-Coat. Rendered in Keyshot.

Space Guanyin: Character Design & CG Work

 太空. 觀自在,

外觀嘗試將一些比較硬的幾何疊加到人體上,營造一種衝突美感。細節上加了很多桁架、廣告霓虹燈的元素,算是科技神佛系列針對這一作的安排。肩膀肩甲的造型,聯想自李祖原建築師的陝西法門寺....實際上是那麼唐突,放在虛擬世界裡便成為合理的現實。Model & Rigged in Maya, Detailed and Textured in 3d Coat, Render in Arnold.

Taiwan Landscape Series 2021

Taiwan Landscape Series : SLS Powder 3d Printing Fabrication

台灣地景計畫系列作品是以台灣地圖為發想,疊合相關的社會、經濟、國際情勢等資訊,所創造出來的一系列Data Mapping 圖像幾何創作。系列作包含下方三件子作品:

01. 護房神山: 
02. 越.愛:
03. 漂浮島嶼:
三度空間的台灣島嶼,猶如一個太空的小行星一般,在歷史上無人知曉它的全貌: 葡萄牙人從側面看,中國人從平面看。究竟他會落腳何方?

This is a series work of graphic design based on the imagination of Taiwan landscape and  geography.  Through the visualization of  Taiwan's data analysis such as house prices, married couple from immigrants and international issues, I've  created a series of data mapping and geometries about fictional Taiwan. Following are the three works of this series.

01 The mountain of house price:
Through visualizing the data of Taiwan house prices, I've created a new central mountain for Taiwan. Opposite to the central mountain in physical world,  this new central mountain of house price has completely different trend of height, and has become a new land-form of this island.

02 Taiwan, Vietnam, Love
Nowadays we have a very high percentage of Vietnam married couple in Taiwan. Meanwhile there are some interesting common similarity between Taiwan and Vietnam - we are both called the kingdom of butterfly, and as for the geography we are also similar-high in the center, low at the sides. In this work I tried to collage the maps of this two countries, and finally it become a butterfly-like totem which shows the features of this two country.

03 Floating Island
Almost no one knows the full view of Taiwan Island in history- Portuguese saw the side view of Taiwan from their ship, and Chinese seems Taiwan as part of their territory through the 2d location on maps.  I've made a fictional  3d Taiwan model to show the different perspectives of this land that probably no one has seen before. This 3d Taiwan model looks pretty much like a asteroid, floating in space and has no roots. Some how this images show the current situation of our country in many different ways.


越.愛: 同為蝴蝶的國度,同時作為新住民中比例最高的族群,儼然成為台灣社會的新貌,在疊合入台灣島之後呈現的幾何型態。

漂浮島嶼: 三度空間的台灣島嶼,猶如一個太空的小行星一般,在歷史上從無人知曉它的全貌: 葡萄牙人從側面看,中國人從平面看。究竟他會落腳何方?

NAR IDC Internet Data Center Design

Design Team: SINOTECH, Taiwan
Project Designer: Che-Kuang Chuang
Location: Taiwan.
Program: Internet Data Center
Design Period: 2021,05(Design Proposal) 


Space Monk: Character Design & CG Work

太空-怒目金剛 Space Monk.
Model & Rigged in Maya, Sculpting & Textured in 3d-Coat. Rendered in Arnold.