Race to Better- Honda NSX Exhibition Pavilion

Location: Europe
Status: Proposal
Program: Pavilion
Design Team: WAO Architects
Designers: Lung Huang, Che-Kuang Chuang, 

Starting from the linear luminous assembly and  the streamline form, the proposed design targets to create an illusory atmosphere of the speed motion blur. The motion blur-like display represents the contrast effects with the NSX. As a stage of the NSX, it also intends to project this static showroom display to the perception of the speed. 
  Opposite to the traditional display methods that using the spotlights with the separated display component to the displayed object and in between the dim and bright where uncomfortable cutting the object in segments, the proposal integrates the linear lighting, the projective screen and the stage into one technique entity. Not only the reflection of the linear lighting impresses the sporty characteristic of the NSX appearance, but also the streamline form echoes to the speedy image of the NSX internal. This advanced technology and elegant displaying strategies put the NSX far beyond the previous modes and represent the NSX as a most shiny model of HONDA. The round-shape stage transmits the no direction display with the panoramic viewpoints of the NSX. Another big challenge idea is that if the round-shape stage could be automatically spun, the NSX will change it stages various that transmit to the visitors the new spirits of HONDA about sporty and advanced.
  The moveable and reassemble prototype will provide different scenarios at various events. At the showrooms of the dealers, the prototype attempts to show the different circumstances either daytime or night time. During the daytime, the linear lighting slightly reveal through the undulating projective screen where the information of the NSX play. This whole image will dominate the entire space and attract the visitors' attentions. During the night time, the linear lighting will be the brightest stage where the NSX becomes the most shiny star. Another scenario is at the car show, the prototype will represent the NSX with continuous bright and reflections up and down where invites the visitors into this space and the NSX and HONDA world and provide not just the emotional stimulations, but the visual satisfactions.  
  As the spirits of HONDA, the prototype will represent the NSX which is going to lead the HONDA into the next generation of the speed and also will provide visual impact through the design intentions. The undulating and streamline forms with linear luminous display strategies will reflect the unique characteristic that the NSX transmits to the visitors with the encouragement and inspiration. Positioned as a " Super Car " of the next generation of HONDA, the integration of the NSX and display perfectly interprets the new spirits of HONDA - Dynamic Challenges and Innovative Pioneers.