Spatial Science: Bernini’s Game (Morphed Spark)

Based on the computational technologies, Designer/Artist Che-Kuang Chuang creates a series of complex graphics and sculptures named “Spatial Science” through CG software and 3d printing. 
For Chuang, the internal logic and design process is even more important than the final outcome. He is fascinated in the idea of using digital-making object to replace the original ones from daily supplies or classical artworks. Through replacement, the original objects ware given new meanings and context meanwhile turned the realities into a surreal world. Each piece of the objects is based on one unique algorithm in order to generate wired, unique also beautiful geometries. 

In “Bernini’s Game(Morphed Sparks)”, Chuang design this elegant and fancy patterns through studying the inner logic of cell-growing. At the very begging he started the form studies with only one cell, then based on it’s geometry decided the growing path and developed several different layouts. At the same time he blurred their boundaries through subdivided surfaces of cells, making them become something complex but beautiful and elegant multi-objects. In the end it has become a beautiful form which is just like a modern baroque sculpture in the digital era. For Chuang, this works is the end of Spatial Science series and become a clear manifest of this series-how the digital object has changed our aesthetic and how they re-Interpret the beauty in mankind lives and history.


空間科學/ 貝尼尼遊戲 (形變之火)

材料:PLA 3d列印,壓克力板,壓克力棒,銅扣,金粉 ,數位輸出



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